Arm Liposuction FAQs

If you are looking for a way to lose weight, improve your appearance, and boost your self-confidence, you may have thought about getting liposuction. There are different parts of your body that could be suitable for liposuction, and one of the most common examples is arm liposuction.

If you would like to remove arm fat, arm liposuction could be an effective choice. At Berardi Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we take the time to answer all of your questions before we move forward, so take a look at some of the most common questions our patients ask us before arm liposuction.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical technique that we can use to remove fatty deposits between the muscles and the skin. There are different techniques we can use for liposuction, and we will customize the techniques we use to match your specific needs.

Our goal is to quickly provide you with the results you are looking for while keeping you as comfortable as possible. Our techniques also expedite the recovery process, allowing you to resume your daily routine as quickly as possible.

Who Is a Candidate for Arm Liposuction?

There are plenty of people who are candidates for arm liposuction, but this is something that we evaluate on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you would like to remove a moderate amount of arm fat, you should be a candidate; however, if you have a significant amount of fat tissue and excess skin that you would like to fix, then arm liposuction might not be the best choice. For example, we may recommend an arm lift instead.

That is why we encourage anyone who is thinking about arm liposuction to sit down with our team to see whether they are a candidate.

What Is the Difference Between an Arm Lift and Arm Liposuction?

Even though they can be used to address similar issues, they are not identical. Arm liposuction is a great way to remove excess fat that could be present in the upper arms. In contrast, an arm lift will address not only excess fat tissue but excess skin as well. An arm lift is a more complicated and invasive procedure, which means that the recovery process is going to be a bit longer. We will talk about the differences with you when you arrive for your visit and help you decide which one is best for your needs.

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

After the procedure is finished, we will recommend that you wear an elastic compression garment for a few weeks. The goal of this garment is to reduce the swelling in your arms. It can also shorten the recovery time and ensure you get the best possible results.

Generally, you will be able to go home on the same day, but you may need to take a few days off from work, depending on the type of job you have. There might be some mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising for a few days, but we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.


What Are the Risks Associated With the Procedure?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with arm liposuction. Because we generally complete this procedure using local anesthesia, many of the risks have been completely removed. On the other hand, you may still develop bruising, swelling, and bleeding after the surgical procedure. There is also a chance of an infection developing, but because we follow the best practices in our field, the risk of an infection is incredibly small.

Will There Be Scars?

Even though there is a chance that there might be some scars, it is highly unlikely. The tube we use to remove fat tissue from your arm is incredibly small. This means that the incisions are also very small as well. The incisions themselves should heal in just a few weeks, and there should not be any noticeable scars.

We also encourage you to take a closer look at some of the information in this video to learn more about what to expect:

Contact Berardi Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery To Learn More About Arm Liposuction

If you are thinking about arm liposuction, it is completely normal to have questions. At Berardi Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we will take the time to answer all of your questions before we move forward, and we will help you make the best possible decision for your goals. We encourage you to reach out to us to schedule a case consultation so we can see if you are a candidate for arm liposuction.

If you would like to improve your self-esteem and appearance, we have the training and tools necessary to help you. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our team, and learn more about arm liposuction!

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