Dr. Berardi Weighs in on Link Between BIA-ALCL and Breast Implants

Pieces of information circulating about the link between breast implants and cancer have left many women considering breast augmentation in a state of disarray. In recent news, Allergan has agreed to recall it’s BIOCELL textured breast implants after an FDA analysis shows shocking worldwide reports of reported BIA-ALCL cases linked to Allergan breast implants.

Kris Pickel from 3TV/CBS 5 and Dr. Joseph Berardi bring awareness to women who may have BIOCELL textured implants/Allergan.

Watch Dr. Berardi weigh in on the association between BIA-ALCL and implants.


Not to be confused with a type of breast cancer, Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is a cancer of the immune system. It is a rare type of lymphoma that typically develops due to breast implants. More specifically, breast implants with textured surfaces.

What are the symptoms of BIA-ALCL?

A common symptom of BIA-ALCL is excessive fluid buildup around the breast implant that can include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Lumps
  • Increased firmness of the breast
  • Discomfort in the breast

Dr. Berardi encourages women with textured implants to look for any changes in their breasts and contact your plastic surgeon if any of these signs or symptoms occur.

Can BIA-ALCL Be Treated?

Fortunately, BIA-ALCL is highly treatable. Dr. Berardi has treated four of the 531 cases of BIA-ALCL reported worldwide since 2011.

Treating patients that are symptomatic include removing the implant as well as the surrounding scar tissue. This scar tissue is known as the capsule.

While Dr. Berardi emphasizes that this disease is rare, he urges women who have these textured breast implants to not remove them. Because this disease is extremely rare, Dr. Berardi believes the best treatment is awareness. With increased awareness, the updated number of cases reported has increased 12%.

Recommendations for Patients that have BIOCELL Breast Implants?

The FDA and Dr. Berardi agree that if no symptoms are present, that the implants do not need to be removed. However, if patients are experiencing symptoms, it is advised you visit your health care provider and seek further evaluation.

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