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istock 1195776312Loose skin, excess fat, and sagging breasts are common concerns that are voiced when women visit the practice of Dr. Joseph C. Berardi in Scottsdale, AZ. Motherhood can have a significant effect on a woman’s body, and can make some individuals feel self-conscious about how they look. They may experience deflated breasts from pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain in the midsection, and loose skin that was stretched as they were carrying their child. In situations such as this, our board-certified plastic surgeon may recommend a procedure known as the “mommy makeover.” 

How can the mommy makeover help women achieve their post-partum body goals? 

Some of the most common trouble spots for women after they’ve carried their children include the breasts and abdomen. Excess, stubborn fat can rest along the midsection, while the breasts may lose lift and volume due to enlargement during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women who come to our practice with these complaints will find that the mommy makeover is the most effective solution for all their needs. This procedure often combines the following: 

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Excess skin removal
  • Fat removal (liposuction)

By combining all of these procedures into one, called the mommy makeover, women can dramatically improve their body contours and overall appearance, restoring their self-confidence. With all of these treatments performed at once, women will enjoy fewer expensive, less recovery and healing time, and dramatic changes in a single surgical procedure. 

Why choose Dr. Joseph C. Berardi? 

While there are many plastic surgeons in the area of Scottsdale, AZ, there are few board-certified plastic surgeons available to help new and established patients. Dr. Joseph C. Berardi has the training and expertise to provide safe and effective cosmetic surgeries for men and women in the area. He is committed to helping men and women look and feel their best with surgeries for the face and body, including the mommy makeover. 

Call Dr. Joseph C. Berardi today 

Scottsdale, AZ area women who are interested in finding out if they are good candidates for a mommy makeover should contact our board-certified plastic surgeon to learn more! Dr. Joseph C. Berardi and his team can be reached by calling (480) 397-0711 to schedule an appointment. The office is located at 8900 East Bahia Drive, Suite #110.  

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