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For many women, how they feel about the appearance of their breasts is closely tied with how they feel about their appearance overall. Although most people typically associate breast surgery with breast implants, the truth is that there are a number of breast enhancement procedures that can help women obtain the look they desire. Dr. Joseph Berardi is a highly skilled breast surgeon who understands that the decision to undergo breast surgery is an intensely personal choice. He works with you to help you decide on the best treatment options to accomplish your individual goals. Browse through the breast procedure options below and contact Dr. Berardi’s Scottsdale / Phoenix plastic surgery practice to schedule a consultation today.

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The features of the face are the most unique aspect of our appearance and are tied closely to our identity. If our facial features don’t reflect who we really are, it can be frustrating and even lead to self-confidence issues. While skin care treatments or makeup can accomplish subtle changes to enhance the appearance of the face, nothing can substitute for cosmetic surgery when more dramatic changes are needed. At Berardi Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, we provide a range of facial plastic surgery procedures, with the goal of helping Scottsdale plastic surgery patients feel comfortable and confident with their own appearance. If you are unhappy with certain facial features, or emerging signs of aging on the face, browse the procedures below and contact Dr. Joseph Berardi today at 480.397.0711.

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Changes to the body over time, including those that result from aging, weight fluctuation, and pregnancy, can leave many individuals feeling less than satisfied with their physique. Even those who stick to the strictest diet and exercise routines can struggle to get certain troublesome areas of their body as firm, toned or slender as they desire. Body contouring surgery encompasses a number of cosmetic treatments that aim to help patients accomplish these goals. Through advanced surgical techniques and the use of leading-edge technologies, plastic surgeon Dr. Berardi helps patients obtain the trimmer, yet shapely, figure they desire. If you feel that certain areas of your body aren’t quite what they could be, we encourage you to browse through the procedure options below and contact Berardi Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery today.

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Plastic surgery is often associated with women, but men also want to look and feel better about themselves. Demand for plastic surgery from men increases year after year to help them change how they look and feel. Dr. Berardi is trusted by men across the state to perform remarkable procedures, such as gynecomastia surgery (the removal of enlarged breasts) and liposuction, two of the most sought-after plastic surgery treatments by men. Take a look at our procedures and schedule a consultation today!

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After Weight Loss

You just accomplished a significant weight loss goal -- congratulations! It’s time to celebrate your new body and show off your hard work. Berardi Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery can remove areas of excess skin through a variety of post-weight loss procedures that lift and tuck your skin for better overall appearance and contour. Dr. Berardi champions your journey and recommends the best long-term solution for your continued health. Ridding you of excess skin is our profession - restoring your confidence is our passion. Check out our available treatments and connect with us to schedule a consultation.

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