Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

Breast augmentation with mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women who want to achieve their ideal breast size, shape, and symmetry. How a woman feels about her breasts can be directly tied to her self-esteem. For women who feel that a breast augmentation alone may not help them achieve their desired results, a breast augmentation with mastopexy may be the perfect procedure. Dr. Joseph Berardi is an experienced, qualified plastic surgeon who has been helping women in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas achieve their ideal body. Read more about breast augmentation with mastopexy below or call Dr. Berardi’s office for a consultation today.

What Causes Breasts to Change Shape?

Breasts will change shape over the course of every woman’s life from the growing buds of puberty, to the full and firm breasts of her 20s. As a woman reaches the age of 40, she may notice significant changes to the firmness, fullness, and size of her breasts. Unfortunately, age is not the only cause of breast shape change.


The main factor in age-related breast changes is due to a decline in the production of estrogen. The reduction in estrogen found in the body will cause the skin and connective tissue of the breasts to become less hydrated, thus losing their elasticity.

You may notice that your breasts become less firm and lose the fullness they once had. Stretch marks, widening between the breasts, downward pointed nipples, and an elongated, stretched appearance are all common changes that occur to a woman’s breasts as she gets older. Dr. Berardi can help reverse the clock on your breast changes by performing a breast augmentation with mastopexy, allowing you to once again experience the full and firm breasts of your younger years.


Gravity is what women must contend with daily, no matter their age, number of pregnancies, or weight. Gravity continually pulls down on breast tissue over the years. This causes the breast tissue to lose its elasticity. It can cause breasts to take on a drooping, sagging appearance, known clinically as ptosis. For some women though, sagging breasts are simply due to their DNA. A breast augmentation with lift, or mastopexy, performed by Dr. Berardi may be the perfect way to circumvent your genetics.

Breast Changes During and After Pregnancy

Breasts change drastically during and after pregnancy. Throughout the course of a woman’s pregnancy, the breasts will become heavier and denser as they prepare for the arrival of your baby. Stretch marks may begin to form as the breast tissue stretches and the areolas and nipples may darken in appearance. You will notice during pregnancy that your breast size may increase by a full cup, or even more.

After pregnancy, and once breastfeeding has stopped, your breasts may remain larger or become saggy in appearance. This is due to the breast tissue having lost its elasticity during the rapid changes of pregnancy. Length of time breastfeeding, genetics, and weight fluctuations during pregnancy can all have an impact on breast shape that can be resolved by breast augmentation and breast lift.

Fluctuations in Weight and Hormones

Weight gain or loss, and fluctuating hormones can also cause breasts to change shape. Each time you gain or lose weight, the breast tissue loses some more of its elasticity. This causes the breast tissue to be unable to snap back into its normal position. Rapid weight loss is the hardest on breast tissue. Collagen production is disrupted as the skin hurries to shrink back into place. This leads to a deflated appearance of the breasts that Dr. Berardi can help correct through a breast augmentation with mastopexy.

How a Breast Lift with Implants Works

During the breast augmentation procedure, breast implants are placed most typically behind the pectorals muscle. This one procedure alone may not be the remedy to help sagging breasts. A breast lift procedure is when the breast is reshaped through the removal of excess skin and the remaining skin is tightened. Breast lifts lead to improvement in the overall shape of the breast, and the nipple and areola are lifted into a more upright, youthful position. Breast augmentation in combination with a breast lift provides the breasts with a complete makeover, leaving a woman with full, firm, and youthful breasts.

Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy Procedure

A breast augmentation with lift typically lasts between two to three and a half hours, depending on the complexity of the surgery that needs to be performed. The patient will first be placed under anesthesia. Dr. Berardi will then begin the procedure by making an incision in the skin. The location, length, and pattern of this skin incision will depend on the type and size of the implant that you choose, your breast measurements, and the clinical judgment of Dr. Berardi. All incisions will be inconspicuous and leave minimal scarring.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Once the skin incision is made, the breast augmentation procedure will begin. Dr. Berardi will begin to separate the breast tissue, allowing him to make the space, or pocket, where the breast implant will be placed. With the recommendation of Dr. Berardi during your consult, you will choose between two types of breast implant: silicone or saline.

The breast implant will then be placed in one of two locations, subglandular, meaning below the breast tissue but above the pectoral muscle, or submuscular, meaning below the pectoral muscle. The implant will be moved into the proper position by hand or a touch-free device to ensure that symmetry and the desired appearance are achieved. The different placement options of your breast implants will be discussed with Dr. Berardi before your procedure.

Breast Lift Procedure

Following the breast implant placement, Dr. Berardi will begin the breast lift. Incisions are made along pre-marked lines and the breast will be reshaped around the areola and nipple. This area is tightened and pulled together, lifting the breast. Excess skin will be removed, but the areola and nipple will remain attached to the underlying breast tissue. Internal, dissolvable sutures will be used to close the incisions once the breast is properly shaped.

Patient Recovery and What to Expect After Surgery

Recovery from breast augmentation with mastopexy surgery will vary from patient to patient. Patients can expect to go home one to two hours after the completion of surgery. Mild pain and discomfort can be expected, and Dr. Berardi will prescribe you the proper medications to alleviate your discomfort.

Results from the surgery will be seen immediately but residual swelling may persist for a few weeks following the operation. Dr. Berardi may help fit you with a compression bra or dressing that will help minimize this swelling. The compression dressing will also help provide support and comfort as you begin to heal. Patients will need to take it easy for up to 6 weeks following surgery to avoid any complications and allow healing to take place. Dr. Berardi and his staff will ensure you have thorough post-operative instructions and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Are You A Candidate for Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy?

If you are a woman who is looking to increase the size of your breasts as well as restore them to a more upright and youthful position a breast augmentation with mastopexy may be right for you. Women who are currently breastfeeding should wait to have surgery. Breast augmentation with mastopexy candidates should be over the age of 18 and have realistic expectations of surgery results. Dr. Berardi can help determine if you are a candidate for breast augmentation with mastopexy during your comprehensive consultation.

Longevity and Results

Your breasts will also continue to change shape throughout your lifetime. Results will be noticeable immediately after surgery, but it can take up to a year for the full results of your breast augmentation with mastopexy to become apparent. While breast augmentation with mastopexy cannot stop the aging process completely, it can offer women a way to have the fuller, firmer, and more youthful breasts they desire for years to come.

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