When I first consulted with Dr. Berardi I knew it would be a challenge because of my 5’2 height, short waisted, over weight body frame. The fat had accumulated mostly in my breast and stomach area. I had always wanted a cute figure (haven’t we all!) with a petite flat stomach, shapely hips, and small breasts, yet with my body I doubted that even the most skilled plastic surgeon could only do so much.

So you can imagine how surprised and extremely elated I am now that Dr. Berardi has actually accomplished what I felt was impossible. Please look at my before and after photos and see for yourself. And NO, they are not photo-shopped in the slightest.

Dr. Berardi not only have me a fabulous figure, he gave me his undivided attention during each and every visit while I was under his care. So yes, most definitely I would highly recommend Dr. Berardi. If you can dream it he can do it! His phenomenal expertise as an outstanding plastic surgeon along with his compassionate, warm bedside manner makes him one of the best aesthetic surgeons we are fortunate to have here in Phoenix.

D.S. ~ Gilbert, AZ

Berardi Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Scottsdale, Arizona Office

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