Which is better, liposuction or tummy tuck?

istock 941851036Tummy tucks and liposuction are two common plastic surgery procedures that are known for helping patients improve the midsection. But which one is better? Which one can help patients achieve the results they want? During a consultation appointment with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph C. Berardi, patients can educate themselves further on the differences between these two procedures and determine the one right for them!

  • Liposuction – liposuction is the use of a specialized device with a tube called a cannula. The cannula is inserted into the treatment area to suction fat cells and deposits that are found in the stomach, hips, thighs, or buttocks. There is typically no incisions, just the access points where the cannula was used to remove fat.
  • Tummy tuck – the tummy tuck, on the other hand, removes both excess fat and skin. This typically requires an incision from hip to hip. Excess fat is removed, then excess skin. The area is then sutured closed to provide a flatter abdominal area and decreased circumference of the hip and tummy area.

If there is a small amount of fat deposits that need to be removed, liposuction is generally the better solution and eliminates extensive incisions. However, if there is a lot of fat to be removed, this volume  loss results in excess skin that can hang. By removing the excess skin, patients can enjoy a flatter tummy that is more presentable overall for those who want to wear more revealing clothing, such as a two-piece bathing suit. The incision is large, but is positioned where it can be covered with underwear or the bottom of a two-piece bathing suit. It is easily disguised on both men and women.

Interested in either liposuction or tummy tucks?

Let our team of professionals in Scottsdale, AZ help you find a solution for your specific needs. Dr. Joseph C. Berardi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can make recommendations based on your unique situation. Call (480) 397-0711 to request a consultation visit with our team. We can evaluate your midsection and provide a knowledgeable suggestion for you! Our practice is located at 8900 East Bahia Drive, Suite #110 and accepts new patients.

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