Remove excess skin after significant weight loss to improve confidence and body contours

adobestock 190422072Have you lost a lot of weight, but are unhappy with the excess skin left behind? If you want to take pride in your achievement but still find that wearing a bathing suit to the pool is likely not going to happen due to excess, sagging skin, it may be time to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon in the area of Scottsdale, AZ to regain confidence and improve body contours. This may be done in a variety of different ways. A body lift refers to various areas that are “lifted” with the removal of sagging skin left behind after significant weight loss. Specific areas of concern may require procedures such as an arm lift, thigh lift, and even a tummy tuck.

What about scarring?

Most patients are worried about undergoing plastic surgery because of scarring. Dr. Joseph C. Berardi and his team are committed to ensuring procedures are performed in a way that it reduces the appearance of scars and gives patients the most natural appearance upon completion. Incisions are often hidden whenever possible in creases of the body or less noticeable areas. For example, patients who undergo a tummy tuck will have the incision below the abdominal area where a bathing suit or underwear would easily conceal the scarring. Finding ways to disguise scarring from the procedure is a sign of an experienced plastic surgeon!

How long do I need to take off of work, school, and activities?

There is no easy way to answer this before having a consultation appointment with Dr. Joseph C. Berardi. The recovery will vary from patient to patient depending on the areas being treated and their overall health. During the initial appointment, our team will provide estimates as to the time that needs to be taken off of normal activities to facilitate faster healing and reduce the risk of complications and infection.

Are you considering the removal of excess skin?

Men and women who have worked hard to lose weight on their body and want to show off their new look may be discouraged by excess skin left behind. With the help of our board-certified plastic surgeon, patients can restore their confidence and improve their body contours. Our facility is located at 8900 East Bahia Drive, Suite #100 in Scottsdale, AZ and can be reached by calling (480) 397-0711.

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