What happens if you don’t replace breast implants?

civ29saMany women who are interested in obtaining breast implants for augmentation need to educate themselves on the type of implant available, the longevity of these implants, and the method of insertion. Additionally, women should be aware of what happens if they do not replace breast implants.

Do my breast implants need to be replaced?

In most situations, patients do not need to have their breast implants removed or replaced unless there is a problem with them. Many women believe that they need to have their breast implants replaced every ten years, but this is not a rule of thumb highly recommended by Dr. Joseph C. Berardi of Scottsdale, Arizona. Instead, patients should be well aware of changes in the breasts that happen as implants age and seek replacement if needed.

What can happen to breast implants?

There are a few conditions that may urge women to have their breast implants removed and replaced. This includes problems such as breasts implant rupture or capsular contracture. These conditions impact the breast implant and require the assistance of a plastic surgeon to resolve. However, many women enjoy their breast implants for a decade or longer without any problems.

Which breast implant is right for me?

When considering the placement of breast implants, patients will want to speak to our provider about the options available to them. Silicone and saline are the two popular breast implants used today, and they are both considered safe and effective at increasing breast size. During a consultation appointment with Dr. Joseph C. Berardi, patients can get a better understanding as to the pros and cons of each type, and speak to a provider about the best size for their breasts. It is important that patients stick with a breast implant that provides them volume and enlargement but not in a way that looks unnatural or unbalanced with the patient’s body shape, contours, and natural frame.

Learn more about breast implants with Dr. Joseph C. Berardi

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