What is the purpose of a thigh lift?

istock 531460568At the practice of Dr. Joseph C. Berardi, our board-certified plastic surgeon is dedicated to assisting men and women in looking and feeling their best. When imperfections on the body make patients self-conscious about how they look and how their clothes fit, cosmetic procedures can help. Patients who have excess skin around the thigh area may be able to tighten and firm this area with a procedure known as a thigh lift.

What is a thigh lift?

The thighplasty procedure is a surgical treatment that is used to improve the appearance of the thighs when excess skin is present. Excess skin can be a result of many different changes in a patient’s life, including significant weight loss or skin laxity caused by aging. When patients have skin hanging in this area, they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about their appearance—especially in situations where they may be wearing revealing clothing such as skirts or bathing suits. The thighplasty procedure allows the doctor to remove excess skin and provide a more toned and smoothed appearance. This often improves not only the appearance of the body and contours, but one’s self-confidence.

Who is a candidate for a thigh lift?

Any adult man or woman who has significant excess skin in the thigh area can consult with Dr. Joseph C. Berardi to determine if they are a good fit for this or other treatments available at the office. Patients might find that they want to have other procedures performed at the same time to save money and recovery time. Patients who are often the best candidates for this treatment are individuals who are within their ideal weight range and are unhappy with sagging skin on the lower half of the body.

Find out if you are a good candidate for a thigh lift

Men and women of the Scottsdale, AZ community who are unhappy with sagging skin around the thighs may be ideal candidates for a thigh lift. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph C. Berardi, can assist patients in finding out if they are a good fit for this or other cosmetic treatments available at his office.

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